House Remodel

This page (and its sub pages) tracked the remodel we did on our house in Bellevue.

The work started on Sept 25, 2017 and finished around the end of May 2018 (after a roughly one month slip)  Our builder was Design Guild Homes and our architect was Dan Keating of Peter D. Swindley Architects and Interiors.

We  moved to a rental house that was roughly 400 feet away from our current house. Most of the books and games ended up in the garage or the storage unit we rented.

Here are pictures of the house on Sept 24,  2017.  

Pre demo walkthrough videos

When you walk in the front door you are in an entry way - closet to left, cubbies to right and living room ahead.  After entering the kitchen and dining room are off to right and the bedrooms are down the hall to left.  Going left on the main floor there are 2 small bedrooms, a bathroom, and a master bedroom with attached bathroom. Going right on the main floor there is the kitchen and dining area with the stairs to the daylight basement.

Upstairs pre demolition images  (link to album)

Descending the stairs (note how enclosed and uninviting they are) we enter a large open space.   Going left from the stairs there is an unfinished room (the tool crib), a 7' by 20' bedroom (we had the high density shelves here), bathroom, laundry room, and the guest bedroom.  Going right from the stairs is the furnace under the stairs and where we had a bunch of books on the shelves.

Downstairs pre demolition images

Then it was time to tear out most of the interior.

The basement was basically stripped down to the studs and the deck and back wall were removed.  Both fireplaces and the chimney were removed and large chunks of downstairs floor were cut for relocating drain lines and pouring new foundations.

They filled up almost 3 huge dumpsters with wood, pipes and drywall.  They also filled 2 smaller dumpsters with brick and concrete from the 2 fireplaces and the chunks of floor they cut out.

Demolition images

After demolition was over the construction process started.

Then they poured the new foundation, installed a new iron support beam, and framed all the new rooms.  Most of the new framing work was downstairs.  The new stairs were framed up as well.

Construction images

By early January it was mainly framing and the new stairs.  

January status - images

In early February the new stair windows, downstairs windows and 2 new bedroom windows were installed.

Window images

Then the roof was ripped off and new plywood and tar paper  and the first metal roof went on.  

Then they installed lots of insulation (we insulated between the interior walls and the downstairs ceiling.)

Insulation everywhere images.

After that the drywall went in.

Drywall installation images

Then the roof went on.  We went with a standing seam metal roof - but the roof as installed was heavily oil-canned (that is the wavy look in the roof).  The roofer and contractor proposed an alternative metal roof - so they removed and replaced the roof.  

Roofs - both of them - images

As the roof was going on - the new siding was also being installed.

Siding replacement images

In the interior - the drywall was being finished and the finish carpentry work was starting.

Dryall finishing images

The entire upstairs had wood floor installed to match the existing wood floor.

Upstairs wood floor images

The 3 bathrooms and laundry room got tile floors and most of the wall tile as well.

Bathroom tile work images

Then the cabinetry got delivered.  It includes the kitchen cabinets, a built in buffet, 4 cubbies, a desk, and a built in living room storage upstairs.  Downstairs includes a tv/bookcase shelves, 2 different storage shelves, laundry room cabinets and a bathroom cabinet.

The roof peak skylight finally got installed as well.

Cabinetry delivered images

Then the cabinetry was installed

Cabinetry installation images

And finally everything got painted

Painting images