I like to read (and so does Heather and both of my daughters :)

I used to read ~100 books a year (with a mix of 35% non-fiction and 65% fiction). [This was true until my daughter was born :) ]

The following table lists the category quantities of books read over the last few years. (This page updated - Sep 3, 2014) - The home page has links to my goodreads yearly links

Actually - Heather likes to read a lot too. We have a collection of over 30,000 books in the house (that is why we had to buy a five-bedroom house! One room for us and all the others for the books...)

Book Related Links

ex libris reviews - A guy I know's monthly column of book reviews.

Favorite Authors

I have some favorite authors (hey - doesn't everybody?) Everything here is fiction related. The only non-fiction author who I would consider a favorite is John McPhee. Most of the rest of my NF reading occurs when I see a book on a topic that interests me. (and lots of topics interest me)

Historical Fiction

Colleen McCollough

The Roman Republic series. There have been 5 so far - "First Man in Rome", "The Grass Crown", "Fortune's Favorites", "Caesar's Women", and "Caesar".

Mystery Authors - "Thinking" Mysteries

These are mysteries that are more involved with character interactions then with the mystery itself.

Elizabeth Daly

Elizabeth Daly wrote a series of mysteries featuring Henry Gamadge that are set in the upper society of New York and were written in the 30's, 40's and 50's.

Amanda Cross

The Kate Fansler mysteries which are usually set on college campuses and have a literary connection.

Dorothy Dunnett

The Johnson Johnson mysteries which are set on the sailboat Dolly.

Mystery Authors - Historical Mysteries

These are mysteries set in historical settings (mostly medieval and Roman).

Lindsay Davis

Roman mysteries with Marcus Didius Falco (an informer) and Helena (his girlfriend - a Senator's daughter who is often sharper than he is). Lots of travel around the Roman empire of the time.

Steven Saylor

Another Roman mystery author featuring Gordianus the Finder. Set during the end of the Republic.

Elizabeth Eyre

Mysteries set in Renaissance Italy featuring the enigmatic Sigismondo and his flunky Benno.

Mystery Authors - Suburban Mysteries

These are the mysteries set in the suburbs, often featuring female protagonists.

Valerie Wolzien

This is a series featuring Susan Henshaw and set in Hancock, Connecticut.

Susan Isaacs


Mystery Authors - Lawyer Mysteries

These are the mysteries featuring lawyers as the main character.

Judith Van Gieson

The Neil Hamel mysteries. Set in Albuquerque dealing with western and environmental topics.

Lia Matera

The Laura DiPalma and Willa Jansson series.

Mystery Authors - County Sheriff Mysteries

These are the mysteries featuring county law enforcement.

Bill Crider

Sheriff Dan Rhodes of Blacklin County, Texas.

Steven Havill

Undersheriff Bill Gastner of Posadas County, New Mexico.

Susan Rogers Cooper

Sheriff Milt Kovak of Prophesy County, Oklahoma.

Science Fiction Authors

I tend to prefer fairly "hard" style science fiction.

Neal Stephenson (aka Stephen Bury)

Fairly cutting edge science fiction. Best so far has been "Snow Crash", but "The Diamond Age" runs a close second.

William Gibson

The original Cyberpunk author. "Neuromancer" still bears the occasional reread.

CJ Cherryh

She writes some excellent space travel science fiction. Lots of intrigue and double-dealing and hidden agendas.

James White

A set of books dealing with medicine involving various galactic species.

Fantasy Authors

Glen Cook

The "Black Company" series (which is finally producing new titles again) and the "Empire in the East" series have some of the best magic descriptions (and nastiest magic-users).


I haven't read many - but I really like the following.

Jennifer Crusie

Very amusing romance novels (so far they have been Harlequin Temptation titles). We tend to read them out loud on road trips. If you read just one - start with "Manhunting".

Linda Howard

The McKenzie brothers series. These are from the Intimate Moment line.

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