David T. Fandel

Technical Skills

Software Process Experience and General Skills

Work Experience

 Microsoft (March 2006 to present)

All of my work with Microsoft has been with Bing Ads (originally AdCenter) working with a variety of backend data processes.  These have included: (March 2005 - March 2006)

I was responsible for the design, Perl-based implementation, testing and deployment of a data processing pipeline. The pipeline converted logfiles into data to be loaded into Data Warehouse tables.  I helped design the logfile structure and the logical schema for the database.  I generated ad hoc and automatic reports from the Data Warehouse.

 Yahoo/Overture (May 2003 - March 2005)

I supported applications for the Business Information Group (BIG). These included Perl code that handled our internal logging format as well as scripts that ran various ETL pipelines. I also enhanced an internal report generation tool implemented in mod_perl and wrote configuration files to generate new reports. In general I provided help to other BIG teams and served as the deputy team lead for the BIG development group.

 VendareGroup/ (March 2000 - May 2003)

I was originally hired to analyze and document an uncommented 10000 line C++ source code package and then extend it to support new requirements. As the focus of the company changed I moved to a role where I was the engineering contact for information requests from the executive, sales and marketing departments. This involved writing Perl scripts, C++ programs, ASP webpages and SQL commands to do off-line analysis of various database tables and logging data.

 GenCorp Aerojet [Now Northrop Grumman Aerospace] (Oct 1995 - March 2000)

I worked for almost 5 years at Aerojet on the SBIRS program. One of my major accomplishments was transferring 600,000+ lines of code from RCS to ClearCase. I designed, documented and wrote Perl based tools to enforce the policies and procedures for development work in the new system. I set up a build environment that supported multiple baselines containing a mix of C, C++, Ada, and Fortran code.

 Hughes Aircraft Company [Now Raytheon] (June 1986 - Oct 1995) 

During my career at Hughes I transitioned from a systems engineering role to a software engineering one. Work included: