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I am a software engineer/data analyst. After many years in the LA area I relocated to Bellevue, Washington in 2006 to work for Microsoft.  I live with Heather, our daughters Noelle and Lily and one cat (Serena - a calico that we inherited)

We live in a house we purchased in the Bridle Trails area of Bellevue, Washington.   We did a major remodel of the basement and kitchen/dining areas from Sept 2017 to May 2018 (we lived in a rental house 2 houses away during the process).

You can read my out of date Resume if you are bored. If I were looking for another job - it would have to be in the Seattle area (and preferably on the Eastside as well :)

Here's a link to my old thoughts on Software Engineering  . It also includes code showing my coding and commenting style and a list of the software engineering books on my shelves.

You can read more about me if you want. (It is pretty much a resume supplement - and probably out of date...)


I have a large board game collection

I have added a link to the quilts my kids have received from their grandmother.

I normally listen to KEXP and KNHC. Finally - here is a DJ whose mixes I downloaded for quite a while - Seth Dillan Gavin.

I read a fair amount (as you can see by looking at the GoodReads links below). [NOTE: having a child significantly reduces the amount you get read :-) ] Besides books I also read the following weekly magazines (The Economist, The Week, Time, Christian Science Monitor) and a few monthly ones (Atlantic, Smithsonian) as well.  I have also subscribed to the NYTimes and Washington Post digital editions.

My 2022 GoodReads books read list

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My 2019 GoodReads books read list

My 2018 GoodReads books read list

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My 2016 GoodReads books read list

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My 2014 GoodReads books read list

The background image is Gotham from  Digital BlasphemyHeather bought me a lifetime membership there.


You can contact me by sending email to dfwiki at