Tracking a series called The Best American Science and Nature Writing  [Online index]

  2000 [David Quammen]    Need
  2001 [Edward O Wilson]    Need
  2002 [Natalie Angier]  Have
  2003 [Richard Dawkins]  Have/Read
  2004 [Steven Pinker]  Have
  2005 [Jonathon Weiner]  Need
  2006 [Brian Greene]  Need
  2007 [Richard Preston]  Have
  2008 [Jerome Groopman]  Need
  2009 [Elizabeth Kolbert]  Have/Read
  2010 [Freeman Dyson]  Have/Read
  2011 [Mary Roach]  Have
  2012 [Dan Ariely]  Have
  2013 [Siddhartha Mukherjee]  Have

Also Best American Science Writing (turns out this is by a different imprint and is unrelated).

  2000 [James Gleick]    Need
  2001 [Timothy Ferris]    Need
  2002 [Matt Ridley]  Have/Read
  2003 [Oliver Sacks]  Have/Read
  2004 [Dava Sobel]  Need
  2005 [Alan Lightman]  Need
  2006 [Atul Gawande]  Need
  2007 [Gina Kolata]  Need
  2008 [Sylvia Nasar]  Have
  2009 [Natalie Angier]  Have
  2010 [Jerome Groopman]  Need
  2011 [Rebecca Skloot]  Need
  2012 [Michio Kaku]  Need
  2013 [XX]  Need