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David T. Fandel

Technical Skills
  • Design, implementation and maintenance of ETL (Extract/Transform/Load) Pipelines in Cosmos (Microsoft's MapReduce platform)
  • Debugging, analysis, and maintenance of existing source code
  • Currently programming in Perl, C#, Scope (the Cosmos coding language) and some SQL
  • Past programming in C, C++, Java and Ada
  • Familiarity with many CM environments (TFS, Source Depot, ClearCase, CVS, RCS)
  • Familiarity with Unix and Windows operating systems
Software Process Experience and General Skills 
  • Software requirements collection, software design, coding, reviewing and testing
  • Software configuration management, software build and installation
  • Worked on both large and small software teams
  • Seek out information in order to broadly disseminate it
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Do what needs doing
Work Experience 

Microsoft (March 2006 to present)
All of my work with Microsoft has been with Bing Ads (originally AdCenter) working with a variety of backend data processes.  These have included:
  • Maintaining the original click prediction pipeline
  • Administering group resources on Cosmos (processing and storage allocations)
  • ETL pipeline development and maintenance for logfile analysis using Scope
  • Ad hoc analysis and troubleshooting of various data issues
  • Documenting and evangelizing the use of Cosmos to other AdCenter teams
  Snap.com (March 2005 - March 2006)
I was responsible for the design, Perl-based implementation, testing and deployment of a data processing pipeline. The pipeline converted logfiles into data to be loaded into Data Warehouse tables.  I helped design the logfile structure and the logical schema for the database.  I generated ad hoc and automatic reports from the Data Warehouse.
  Yahoo/Overture (May 2003 - March 2005)
I supported applications for the Business Information Group (BIG). These included Perl code that handled our internal logging format as well as scripts that ran various ETL pipelines. I also enhanced an internal report generation tool implemented in mod_perl and wrote configuration files to generate new reports. In general I provided help to other BIG teams and served as the deputy team lead for the BIG development group.
  VendareGroup/Jackpot.com (March 2000 - May 2003)
I was originally hired to analyze and document an uncommented 10000 line C++ source code package and then extend it to support new requirements. As the focus of the company changed I moved to a role where I was the engineering contact for information requests from the executive, sales and marketing departments. This involved writing Perl scripts, C++ programs, ASP webpages and SQL commands to do off-line analysis of various database tables and logging data.
  GenCorp Aerojet [Now Northrop Grumman Aerospace] (Oct 1995 - March 2000) 
I worked for almost 5 years at Aerojet on the SBIRS program. One of my major accomplishments was transferring 600,000+ lines of code from RCS to ClearCase. I designed, documented and wrote Perl based tools to enforce the policies and procedures for development work in the new system. I set up a build environment that supported multiple baselines containing a mix of C, C++, Ada, and Fortran code.
  Hughes Aircraft Company [Now Raytheon] (June 1986 - Oct 1995)  
During my career at Hughes I transitioned from a systems engineering role to a software engineering one. Work included:
  • Assisting in the design of a VLSI custom chip for the EPLRS program
  • Working on a variety of EPLRS R&D projects
  • Writing embedded vehicle tag reading software in C for a truck weigh-in-motion system
  • Ada based I/O handling code
  • C based position tracking for a BART train tracking prototype
  • California State University, Fullerton - MS Computer Engineering 1990
  • Harvey Mudd College - BS General Engineering 1986
  • Top Secret/SCI (lapsed in 2002)